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SCRATCH SMASH — Character Roster

I've been thinking about Super Smash Bros. lately. I haven't played any of the games, but I like the concept of a giant crossover featuring iconic characters from different franchises. Then I realized, what if someone did the same thing, but using iconic characters from different Scratch projects? For now, this idea is only hypothetical, but it's fun to think about nonetheless.

So, regarding this hypothetical game (Scratch Smash? Scratch Match? Scratch Smash Match?!), what would the character roster consist of? I'd like to choose iconic, recognizable characters from popular Scratch projects so it feels more significant. The problem is… there aren't a lot of iconic characters on Scratch. So here's what I've come up with so far:

1. Scratch Cat
He's not technically from a specific project, but you can't have a Scratch-themed fighting game without including the mascot. He'd have mostly coding-themed and cat-themed attacks, I'd imagine. His main attack would be “scratch”, where he would scratch the opponent like a cat.
2. Taco Wizard
You know those stock graphics in the “Choose a Costume” menu? This is one of those. Yes, another character who isn't from a specific project. I just wanted to include one of those stock characters, and the Taco Wizard is the perfect candidate. Entirely due to the fact that he is a taco wizard.
3. The Ninja from The Ninja series by @Will_Wam
When I started thinking of iconic Scratch characters, The Ninja was the first one I thought of. He's been the star of seven extremely popular games, he's recognizable, and his ninja abilities give him a unique moveset. It's perfect!
4. Snail from Snail Platformer by @griffpatch
Sure, he's slow and can't jump, but that might make for some unique character abilities. Snail is a pretty popular project, so why not?
5. Generic Red from Generic Red by @griffpatch
He's a red square that runs and jumps. Not much potential there, but again, Generic Red is a popular project, so at least the character is recognizable. Plus, he can offer representation for generic platformer characters, which Scratch happens to have a surplus of.
6. Multiplayer Character from multiple games by @griffpatch
You know those little colorful guys that griffpatch puts in his games sometimes? You might know them as the characters from Cloud Platformer Multiplayer Fun. That game has unique powerups like turning into a dinosaur, flying a spaceship, etc., which can be incorporated into the moveset.
7. Epic Ninja from Epic Ninja by @griffpatch
Yes, another griffpatch character. And yes, another ninja. But it's distinct and popular, so it's all right in my book.
8. Stefano from the Super Mario Scralaxy collaboration
Stefano is Mario's third brother, created for Super Mario Scralaxy, a massive collaboration. I see no reason not to include him.
9. Levi from Levi's Quest RPG by @Will_Wam
Another fairly popular project. Mostly sword-based attacks, probably.
10. Electricat from Super Scratch Bros by @Hobson-TV
Turns out someone already made a popular Super Smash Bros. game, albeit without Scratch characters. In Hobson-TV's game, the roster consists of Nintendo character parodies. Electricat is a parody of Pikachu. I'm not sure why I picked him specifically from Hobson's roster. He just stood out to me, I guess.
11. Filbert Jerkey from multiple games by @Hobson-TV
“I thought you were choosing recognizable characters. I have no idea who this is,” you may be thinking. But Filbert Jerkey is a recurring character of one of the most followed Scratchers, and has even been in a fighting game already. So I say give Filbert a chance.
12. Phantom from Phantom Dash by @kevin_eleven_1234
Another character from a popular game. His spooky ghostness could make for unique attacks.
13. Epic Blob from The Epic Blob by @kevin_eleven_1234
Another popular game. Sure.
14. Bouncy Hero from Bouncy Heroes by @theChAOTiC
Another popular game. (Am I prioritizing popularity and recognizability too much? Probably.)
15. Kanon Kitty from Kanon Kitties by @flamingenius
Another popular game. You would play as the cannon and shoot cat heads at the opponent.

There you go. 15 relatively iconic Scratch characters who may one day fight each other. Looking over this list now, I realize that the most iconic characters are also sometimes the most bland. So here's an alternative idea: I could scrap this roster entirely and let Scratchers come up with brand new original characters. That way the roster will be fun, unique, and collaborative, although it won't feel so much like an ambitious crossover. What are your thoughts? Do you have any other character suggestions? Should this be an actual thing?

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SCRATCH SMASH — Character Roster

What about different Scratch memes being represented, a la Kumquats.

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SCRATCH SMASH — Character Roster

How about my OC?
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SCRATCH SMASH — Character Roster

SockedMonster wrote:

What about different Scratch memes being represented, a la Kumquats.
That is genius. Character #16 = Evil Kumquat. He eats forum signatures to gain power.

ghbbeep wrote:

How about my OC?
That's a nice idea, but my intention was to include characters that were more recognizable to a broad audience, so it wouldn't quite fit in with the rest of the roster. It could work with my second idea though (replacing the roster with random player-submitted characters, as explained above). So it depends on which idea I end up going with. Still, it'll probably stay hypothetical for the foreseeable future.

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