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Blokshop - Get you custom bloks here! :D

I closed my other one, I'm dum
Rules (Not much):
Do not advertise (Unless it's a signature)
Do not swear, bully, start rumors, etc. All of these will be reported to the Scratch team.
Do not start discussions unrelated to the shop. These will be deleted.
Make sure to credit if you use a custom block from us!
Treat others with respect.
No firing people without a reason
No faking that there is a currency. Such behavior will be deleted.
Last of all, please do not spam and have fun!
Traits (are listed from most control to least control):
Owner: total control, can close shop permanently
Manager: almost total control, fills out for owner when owner not here
Co-manager: is boss of most things, can hire, fire, and promote people up to supervisor
Supervisor: can hire people and promote staff up to supervisor, can accept or decline people into the shop
Officer: can fire people, checks if people break rules and reports to the owner
Staff: normal staff. They can be promoted.
Retired members: Have originally be kicked or has quitted, cannot work until re-applied
Active members:
Owner: ImAnPopularYoutuber1
Manager: open
Co-manager: open
Supervisor: 3 open, limit 10
Officer: 3 open
Staff: anyone can apply
Order form (Copy & paste):
Request (What you want):
Extra info:
Join form (Copy & paste)
Extra info:
Things that would be appreciated (but not required):
Copy-paste this as your signature:
[url=https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/385487/?page=1#post-3832978]Apply here![/url]
Enjoy your visit!

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Apply here!
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