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-=Tangle_weedScratcher's Profile=-

Hello! I'm @Tangle_weedScratcher, but you can call me Tangle!
Here are some facts about myself -
-Lives in USA
-Likes reading
-Likes drawing cats
-Is sort of good at animating?

Here are some things/series' I like -
-Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus
-The Dragon Prince
-The Kane Chronicles
-Avatar: The Last Airbender
-The Legend of Korra
-Friends(the TV show)

Now, the acronyms =3
AR(Art Request): Yes! I'm the best at cats, and okay at humans
AT(Art Trade): Sure!
CC(Coloring Contest): Yes! Link it!(On my profile)
DR(Design Request): Sure!
DT(Design Trade): Sure!
DTA(Draw to Adopt): Link me if it's Warriors themed!
DTP(Draw That Person): Nah
DTT(Draw That Theme): Nah
MAPs(Multiple Animator Projects): Yes! Link me!(On my profile)
WTA(Write To Adopt): Nah
OTA(Offer To Adopt): Link me if it's Warriors themed!
RP(Roleplay): Nah, I'm in too many
F4F(Follow for follow): Sure! Just ask!

If there are any of those you have questions about, ask! Also, if I missed one, let me know.

I like making Warriors projects; games, OC bios, and some random stuff.
I am planning on making an OTA soon =3
Oh, here are some faces I use too much -
- xD
- =3
- = D (I did it with a space because the forums make in into a weird emoji)

…you're welcome

Warriors! My…
…favorite cats? Jake, Gray Wing, and Graystripe
…least favorite cat? Millie, Darkstripe, & most of the bad guys xD(not Hawkfrost tho)
…favorite ship? Hawkfrost x Ivypool!!!
…least favorite ship? Firestar x Spottedleaf
…favorite book? Crowfeather's Trial
…least favorite book? The Sun Trail(I think it's because I read it too many times, and all they do is travel)
…favorite series? Omen of the Stars
…least favorite series? The Prophecies Begin(too classic!)
…favorite Clan? ThunderClan!!
…least favorite Clan? I would say.. WindClan
…Warriors website username? Tangledapple2932 (although I never know if it's Tangle dapple or Tangled apple xD)

My Scratch Goals
❌ - Get Featured
❌ - Get on the front page
❌ - Get 100 followers
✔️ - Do a collaboration
❌ - Win a Dta
❌ - Complete a MAP hosted by me

My friends! First the ones I actually know -
Now the ones I don't know -

If you have any questions feel free to ask here or on my profile! Thanks for reading!

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