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your best nightmare is back: im alive

…humans. humans build dreams. they always did. they wanted peace. they dreamed peace. they did. they build a home for them, where peace lives. they continue dreaming things: love, friendship, respect… but one day, they dreamed another thing: hate. it was powerful. nobody could stop it. it deleted everything that humans want. what now? is there a place without a hate? is there a thing which can stop all?..

“definitely i dont write anything below here”
i said i will dont write anything but you know sometimes human wants to kill promises and does betrayals so congrats you find one of them, a person who lives in different country do this to you, you dont even know it, how can you believe its sentences and promises, please stop never trust anybody on internet because they will always betray you ok? now have fun with your real friends, go to their home and hang out idk, are you still reading this signature, im very surprised

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