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Sonic Forces (2D/3DS/DS/2DS) Topic

This is the Topic of the project Sonic Forces (2D/3DS/DS/2DS) !
Post your ideas here !
haydenledean says :

Scratch on !

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Sonic Forces (2D/3DS/DS/2DS) Topic

how do i make a forum of my own?
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Sonic Forces (2D/3DS/DS/2DS) Topic

Kariokartknex wrote:

how do i make a forum of my own?
i kinda forgot,your gonna have to search about it somwhere

hello! im silverthehedghog56! and i make and do things! i also make custom sprites! and im a beginer genesis sonic engine modder! and im a HUGE fan of sega and nintendo! and i like sonic and mario and classic sonic! and i also have a youtube channel!
when green flag clicked
say [also check out my sonic fangame called sonic hype and the engine i made for it!]

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