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How to navigate basics in scratch!

Hey guys, this is ApocalypseGirl101. So this is the very basics you should know about scratch.

~ Scratcher slang ~

These are the basics you should know about scratcher slang.

MAP ~ Multi - Animator - Project . This means lots of animators get together to make a music video together, most commonly in scratch. Different MAPS have different requirements, so read the whole page in case you miss any code words, specifications ( like your level of skill in animating) or requests for links to projects.

RP ~ Role Play! Role play’s are popular on scratch and usually take place in studios. Some need you to fill out a bio, containing information about your character.

OC ~ Either Original Character, or Own Creation. Ex. I’m a furry, and Fina is my OC!

Headshot ~ a Headshot is a drawing of a OC or a character that features only the head.

Fursona ~ On scratch, you may see people referring to them self as a furry, or talking about a fursona. These are simply people who enjoy role playing as anthropomorphic characters, animals with human traits. A Fursona is slang for the character they play as.

Pfp ~ this means Profile picture!

F4f ~ Following a person in the expectation that they will follow you back. It is polite to ask, and also to make sure they do not say no f4f’s in their profile.


That’s all I can think of there, so please tell me if I missed something! Ok, now on to organizing your page. Set a goal on how often you want to check on your profile. Don’t obsessively check, or you’ll start feeling disappointed when you don’t get a message every two minutes.

Set a pfp, and update it every once in a while. Some scratchers (Like me!) can be asked to do a pfp for you, as long as you credit them. How to credit them? Put a link to their profile by saying ‘pfp made by @exampleA’. Then when a scratcher is on your page, that @exampleA will turn blue giving a link. Mine is @ApocalypseGirl101. Make sure you choose a username people can understand. You can either call me Apocalypse or Fina. If yours is really long, then expect a lot of people just saying the first word, or a nickname.

Decide how protective you want to be of your identity. Like if your name is common, and you think it’s something that won’t be traceable, then you may be able to say you first name. Don’t use your last name, as a rule though. Using a middle name, or a fake name (like how I sign off as Ali, which is a version of my username (ApocaLypsegIrl101) Is also a pretty smart move, since it lowers your chances of people finding out who you are. Also, Pro tip ~ DONT SHOW YOUR FACE ~ maybe if you are, like, 18 and quitting scratch it’s fine to do a project showing your face, but if you are a scratcher and not an official adult, don’t show your face. Your voice is ok, but think about using an effect or modifier, in case it’s a memorable voice (like Ellen DeGeneres’s voice). Always check with your parents before giving out name, voice, face, age, or gender.

Last but not least, make sure that you are kind and encouraging. Don’t make mean comments. Some people on scratch are people who may be gay or lesbian, or some who are transgender, or genderfluid. People on scratch come from everywhere, from all sorts of countries, so always be aware of your actions, what you say, do and post. Most of all. Have fun on scratch. By!


ヽ(^o^) / ApocalypseGirl101

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