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Voice Recognition Extension

Voice Recognition could be very useful for smart assistants but a combination of Cloud Variables, tts, and “Voice Recognition” can be very dangerous but it would be nice if it could be added it would be useful for me to make a smart assistant and it would be useful for others to do whatever they want
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Voice Recognition Extension

I like this idea but I personally think voice recognition is professional quality technology. I'm not saying scratch is not professional but it is very informal. Just look at Wazzo's Scratch Saga for what I mean.

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Voice Recognition Extension

By voice recognition, do you mean identifying users by their voice, or making a transcript of what they say?

If it's the latter, they were working on a speech to text extension, but either there were other priorities or complications occurred; it may be added in the future, though.

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Voice Recognition Extension

I agree, it could then copy who you are and steal your data.

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