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Bringing Back 2.0 But Keeping 3.0!

Hi guys! I was just recently thinking about all the people leaving Scratch because of the coming of Scratch 3.0! (No, I don't believe Thanos Cat snapped). Well, I had an idea that might bring people back to Scratch; bringing back 2.0 but keeping 3.0!
How would that work? Well, I thought that the Scratch team could either;
1. Add an option on the Scratch website to either set the site to 2.0 or 3.0.
2. Create a new, separate website for 2.0 with a function that any 2.0 project uploaded would also show up for the 3.0 website and vice versa.

If you think that this is a good idea, please say so! Maybe we can also suggest this to the Scratch Team!
If this idea works, and the Scratch Team tries it, maybe people who used to do Scratch but left because of 3.0 could come back!

Scratch on!
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Bringing Back 2.0 But Keeping 3.0!

This suggestion is rejected

Rejected Suggestions wrote:

2.3 Set the editor to look like older versions of Scratch
Some users prefer the look and feel of the Scratch 2.0 editor, and have suggested that the editor look like Scratch 2.0, but still run off of HTML5 like Scratch 3.0 does. However, this would be more complicated for educational and documentation purposes. It could be confusing if someone is trying to learn Scratch from someone who is using a completely different layout of the editor than them.

In addition, the Scratch Team changed the design for a reason: to make it easier, more intuitive, and friendlier for newcomers to use. If you dislike the Scratch 3.0 editor, you can still download the Scratch 1.4 or Scratch 2.0 offline editors; for more information, see #2.4 on this list.

However, the Scratch Team is still considering adding options to change the block size inside the editor, an option to switch the side of the screen the stage is on, and an option for a dark mode interface. It may be some time, though, before these ideas are implemented; please be patient.

2.4 Revert back to older versions of Scratch
Scratch has to update sometimes in order to accommodate for certain changes. In particular, an online editor that ran off of Adobe Flash (rather than Java) was added in Scratch 2.0, and Scratch 3.0 was created for tablet support and in anticipation of the discontinuation of Flash. Changing the editor back to these older versions of Scratch would not only undo years of hard work by the Scratch Team, but also might not work online anymore. If you wish, you can download the Scratch 1.4 and Scratch 2.0 offline editors. However, the Scratch Team is likely no longer concerned with fixing any bugs with these offline editors.

The Scratch Team is still working on bug fixes, new features, and other improvements on Scratch 3.0. The new interface was created in such a way that it is easy for the Scratch Team to make new updates, and they are indeed continuously making new updates (although these updates and bug fixes take much longer to implement than you think). Do not worry, Scratch 3.0 is far from finished!

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Bringing Back 2.0 But Keeping 3.0!

Scratch Team
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Bringing Back 2.0 But Keeping 3.0!

openPoll wrote:

Thanks! Closing as rejected.

Please keep all future suggestions in mind with the assumption that we will always be keeping the 3.0 interface.

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