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Suggestions and fixes for Scratch 3.0

Please, scratch, take these.

My suggestions are text-coded, with italic-bold as critical, bold as annoying, and italic as mild.

The scratch discussion forum blocks are still 2.0!
Ok, most people agree that the new Scratch 3.0 blocks are way too big. But then you DON'T update the forum blocks? I thought they were gone! It's not a huge issue, but it will give some people a little nostalgia.

* gates do we have? Let's see… NOT, AND, and OR. But, you know what we don't have? XOR, XNOR, and XAND. And then there's not just “true” or “false”. If Scratch won't add those, we should be able to too. And then, we should also have the option of making it shaped like a repeat or a start block.

Paint editor: it's so… bad.
Ok, here's a rundown of what we need. We need an opacity slider, an RGB mode, and a larger canvas. That's THREE PROBLEMS in ONE THING. And… Scratch still hasn't fixed it yet. I normally draw badly on scratch, but not THIS BADLY. It's workable, but not very practical.

We NEED more shapes in the paint editor. How about a literal shape BAR, like Word or powerpoint? This would totally make my projects a LOT easier.

I'd like code with no extra blocks, please.
We need a “delete all single blocks” button. now. Because if you were trying to change a few variables, and forgot where you left those blocks, well, you're stuck with them. Please, add it.

Remove a URL.
You can add a URL, but no removing? So disappointing.

Remove a Username.
You can add a Username, but no removing? So disappointing. Again.
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Suggestions and fixes for Scratch 3.0

First of all, please make seperate threads for each suggestion…


1) Duplicate of something.
2) Duplicate of something
3) Duplicate of something
4) Possibly a duplicate of something, but no support. You can reshape in vector to get the shape you want.
5) Is this like that find blocks suggestion?
6) ???
7) ???

Sorry… I'm confused with the last two.

Hi, I'm ResExsention, that New Scratcher who refuses to promote themself! I really do look forward to getting to know you!

If you see "[DATA EXPUNGED]", you'll know it was deleted by me. It's a lot easier.
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Suggestions and fixes for Scratch 3.0

Please create a separate topic for each suggestion you have, rather than creating a list of suggestions. That way, the conversation stays focused and each idea can get the attention it needs.

Before making a new topic, please check out the following:
Thank you!

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