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As far as i noticed, lots of blocks and the pause button are missing from Scratch that i think should be added:
script variables (a)::grey
pause all::control
(() ^ ()::operators reporter)
(a new clone of [myself v]:: control)
being able to make c-blocks{

(()::grey ring)
(<>::grey ring)
({}::grey ring)
run ({}::grey ring)::control
launch ({}::grey ring)::control
(the ability to make reporter blocks::grey)
<making predicates/booleans::grey>
{more} (input) [types]
for (i) = () to (){
when <>::events hat
(message:: events)
A few of which (like when <>) is also availible in other scratch mods (like Insanity).

when I receive [KUMQUAT INBOUND!! v]
[yeet v] all [inbound kumquats v] [out of this arena v]:: motion
([Hello! v] [Wait... v] [WHY ISN'T THIS 3.0!?!?!?!??! v] [WHY IS THIS STILL 2.0!?!?!?!? v] [WE'VE WAITED LONG ENOUGH! v] :: operators)
Not a hate letter.
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Scratch and Snap TOGETHER!

Some Scratch Team members wrote:

Please create a separate topic for each suggestion, rather than making a list of suggestions. Thanks!
Edit: also, see Troyer_Kem's post below.

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Scratch and Snap TOGETHER!

No. It might be very very confusing to beginners.

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Scratch and Snap TOGETHER!

Please use a separate topic for each new block idea so that the conversation doesn't get confused and each idea can be given the attention it deserves.

Before making new topics, please check the list of rejected topics and the list of previously suggested topics. Add to an existing topic, if there is one. Thanks!

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