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blocks i want!

Here are some blocks i want
move sprite [v] () steps ::motion

previous costume ::looks

(location of sprite) ::sensing

Stretch by [] ::looks

stop sound [ v] ::sound

repeat until <brodcast received> ::events


previous backdrop ::looks

<mouse up?> ::sensing

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blocks i want!

move sprite [ v] () steps ::motion // Maybe this would be helpful... But you can already do this with broadcast and move blocks.

previous costume :: looks // There is a workaround for this.

location of sprite :: reporter :: sensing // There are already reporter blocks for this.

Stretch by [] :: looks // Ok, this one would be good.

stop sound [ v] :: sound // Maybe... You can play sounds at different costumes so you don't need to this block.

repeat until (brodcast received :: event) // Which broadcast? If the project has 1+ broadcast, this block would be unworkable.


previous backdrop ::looks // There is already a block about this.

when [o] button pressed ::events // But why?

mouse up? :: boolean :: sensing // Ok, this one would be good, too.

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blocks i want!

Please create a separate topic for each suggestion you have, rather than creating a list of suggestions. That way, the conversation stays focused and each idea can get the attention it needs.

Before making a new topic, please check out the following:

In particular, you have a lot of duplicates. Feel free to continue the discussions on these links:

In addition, the “location of sprite” reporter already has a workaround in terms of the “x position” and “y position” reporters. There are also easy workarounds for “previous costume” and “previous backdrop”. Furthermore, there is an easy workaround for the “mouse up” block:

<not <mouse down?>>

I believe this would also be an effective workaround for “when __ key pressed”:

wait until <key [o v] pressed?>

Thank you!

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