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DSA 2.0 - Owner/founder

Hello! Welcome to the Draconic Shop for Art. Here we make art at request! We do: logos, banners, backdrops, thumbnails, sprites, and all other sorts of art!
Aurora Studios - Manager/Founder

Navigation/ intro / join us / current projects / finished projects / history /
The Inter-Shop Staff Tracker - Owner/Founder
Welcome to the inter-shop staff tracker! Using this program, you can tell whether your staff are on leave in other shops and just forgot to tell yours. No more strikes to forgetful/overloaded staff!
ShopBux - President
Currency and Benefits For YOUR Shop
T.I.P.S. - Worker

We offer all kinds of stuff!!! ⚡️⚡️ ✅✅ 5th biggest shop on Scratch! CELEBRATING 200 PAGES!!! Host of Scratch Cup!
The Emerald Shop 3.0 - Worker
☘✳✔ Quality orders done by friendly, reliable, and professional staff! ☘✳✔

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um i clicked the aroura studios and it went to old shop

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