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need help with some colisions

so I am making a megaman like platfromer. For one of the areas, there is a roof that i want to add collision. Currently I have it set up like this-
when flag clicked-> forever if touching color (insert color here) -> then change Y by -20
the problem is that when you hit the roof, the character goes into the floor, if anyone can help, that will be great
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need help with some colisions

I would recommend checking out the Platformer Tutorial by @griffpatch_tutor. It will show you how to make more realistic gravity and better collisions. If you need more help after that, it might be a good idea to share the project and link here so we can see exactly what is wrong.

when signature read:: events hat
say [Not much here...] for (2) secs
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need help with some colisions

Share the project link here, but something that might help would be to test if the collision is right.
when green flag clicked
if <touching color [#efd41b] ?> then
say [Collided] for (2) secs

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