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Nintendo Labo Soundfont

I made a Nintendo Labo Soundfont all by myself recorded from its software. Since I now own the VR kit for completing the soundfont I decided to post this to public.
Download this soundfont here!

Readme Contents:
a. What is the Nintendo Labo Soundfont?
b. List of Instruments/Timbres
c. Frequently Asked Questions
d. Soundfont Production Version History

a. What is the Nintendo Labo Soundfont?
The Nintendo Labo Soundfont is a soundbank where the instruments in each kit of Nintendo Labo's Toy-Con Garage uses.
Each sample is recorded from digital audio out using real Nintendo Switch hardware (rather than just ripping the sounds in the game's data in which I can't do).

b. List of Instruments/Timbres (Instrument # - 1 = Program Change #)
1. Piano Va Ro Ve VR
2. Organ Va Ro Ve VR
3. Guitar 1 Va Ro Ve VR
4. Guitar 2 Va Ro Ve VR
5. Guitar 3 Va Ro Ve VR
6. Percussion Ve VR
7. Recorder Ve VR
8. Trumpet Ve VR
9. Violin Ve
10. Violin (2) VR
11. Harp Ve VR
12. Cat Va Ro Ve VR
13. Woman Va Ro Ve
14. Man Va Ro Ve VR
15. SFX 1 Va Ro Ve VR
16. SFX 2 Va
17. SFX 2 (3) Ro
18. SFX 2 (4) Ve
19. SFX 2 (5) VR
20. SFX 3 (6) VR
21. SFX 4 (7) VR

Key for Instrument Existing in Which Kit Software Is In:
Va =Variety Kit (x10)
Ro =Robot Kit (x10)
Ve =Vehicle Kit (x15)
VR =VR Kit (x16)
21 instruments total.

c. Frequently Asked Questions
Q. I played MIDIs made in GM with this soundfont. Why are most of the instruments wrong or silent?
A. That's because the soundfont is not GM mapped. I know I can translate some soundfonts that are not GM into GM but that can be experimental. Most soundfont programs make channel 10 drums channel and some don't have the option to disable channel 10 as the drums channel as the soundfont doesn't have bank 128 drum programs. You can make your own MIDI (e.g. using Sekaiju) that can only be compatible with the soundfont's instrument map. Check the instrument list (see section b.) for a reference.

Q. How large is this Soundfont?
A. Because of some the long samples used, it is 39.6 MB which can be a long download time. While the piano sample is 134 KB the rest is large.

Q. What soundfont programs can I use this soundfont in?
A. Almost any program that lets you use soundfonts. Like FL Studio's Soundfont Player or SynthFont for example. Certain Soundfont programs may treat all soundfonts as GM while this soundfont is not GM.

Q. All all the samples public? Where can I find Nintendo Labo's instrument samples?
A. Nobody has shared all the Nintendo Labo sound samples each instrument has so I decided to play all the instrument's samples from the software using my system and make this soundfont! Since all the samples are stored in the soundfont (as 16-bit PCM) you can use a SoundFont editor that supports saving WAV (like Viena which I made this in) to grab an instrument sample to use in an other music editing program.

d. Soundfont Production Version History
v0.0 (In Progress Alpha Version, not released)
Contains 10 instruments from Variety Kit only (soundfont is unfinished)

v0.1 (Beta Release)
Added 6 more instruments from the Vehicle Kit (including SFX 4) and another additional SFX (3) kit from the Robot Kit. 17 instruments total.

v1.0 (Full Final Release)
All samples are now recorded directly from sound output via console connected to TV digital audio out (rather than the Nintendo Switch system's video capture that has the lossy MPEG-4 video/AAC audio format).
The Nintendo Labo soundbank is now finished by adding 4 more instruments (Violin 2 and SFX 4-7) from the VR Kit. Now 21 instruments total.

v1.0.1 (Improvement Release)
Organ now has their proper E and A rootkey samples.
Cat and Man are now at normal pitch. I did a little trick where I play a sound at the minimum frequency Nintendo Labo limits to.
Corrected some more mistakes!

Nintendo Labo ©2018-2019 Nintendo

Sorry that the safe-for-work soundfont shared in Google Drive was reported as copyrighted/inappropriate violation. I used MEGA that time and see if I don't get that issue there.

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