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(3.0) We need better audio options!

The audio editor in 3.0 has so far been the worst issue for me.
Here's a list of the issues I've noticed so far–

1. The cut, copy, and paste buttons are gone. These are some of the most useful options, too! Scratch has always encouraged things such as MAPs, but this makes MAP making really complicated, frustrating, and just not worth the time and effort.

2. Mid-cropping is gone as well. What I mean is the option to go into the middle and crop something out. This is very useful for shortening songs, taking out a section or a screwup in an audio clip, and, as mentioned before, MAPs.

3. Moving the playbar is gone! I mean, what the heck? I have to listen through the whole clip to make sure a section at the end isn't messed up? It's pretty irritating, and even time-consuming if you're using a longer clip. I know there's a work-around with the trim tool, but it really wouldn't hurt to make it a little more convenient.

4. This wasn't in 3.0 (I think), but being able to zoom in and out of the sound window for exact cropping would be nice– not that it's a necessity like some of the others.

If you have any more, feel free to add on.
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(3.0) We need better audio options!

Definite support! I miss having those options, and (and I'm not saying I want this) I would rather have the 2.0 audio tab than the 3.0 tab if I had a choice.

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(3.0) We need better audio options!

S to the U to the double P to the O R T!

I think it's self explanatory.

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Sigton wrote:

People who only warn Scratchers on the forums for doing something against these suggestions. I'd like to say something:

That's utterly counter intuitive.

The point of this sticky is to give you suggestions on what to and not to do. Simply warning someone is not adding to discussion, which is one of the main points here.
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(3.0) We need better audio options!

Support! (although I think the ST is already working on this (not sure))


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(3.0) We need better audio options!

The Scratch Team is working on this.

ceebee wrote:

The sound editor should have the same editing capabilities as it did in 2.0: We realize that the sound editing capabilities are important to you, and it is a priority for us to include this again. It may take us some time to change this, so your patience is greatly appreciated.

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