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Drawing tools

I have some ideas for some new drawing tools.

Tools from 2.0 to add back
  • smooth button
  • center button

New things to add
  • pixelate button (besides converting to bitmap)
  • scratch blocks (as used in forums)
  • a number (preferably changeable) telling what layer an object is on

Other ideas (not related to drawing)
(layer #)
go to layer [...]
  • preset scripts

Thanks for
when green flag clicked
wait until <(done reading?) = [yes]
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Drawing tools

Please make a separate topic for each suggestion, so that each suggestion gets the attention that it deserves.

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Drawing tools

Please use a separate topic for each new block idea so that the conversation doesn't get confused and each idea can be given the attention it deserves.

Before making new topics, please check the list of rejected topics and the list of previously suggested topics. Add to an existing topic, if there is one. Thanks!

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