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30 Scratchblock Ideas

(rotation style :: motion)

(☁ list :: list)

set stage color to [#efef11] :: looks
Here's my favorite TTS voice
This one is for text-to-speech v
set voice to [Daniel v] :: pen

when <> :: events

(pen color :: pen)

(turbo mode [on v]? :: sensing)

print [Hello world!] :: looks

(user id :: sensing)

(note :: sound)

fade in variable [foo v] in (1) secs :: variables
fade out variable [foo v] in (1) secs :: variables

when I start as a clone :: event

<[0] ≥ [0] :: operators>
<[0] ≤ [0] :: operators>

repeat until <(W.I.P.) = [false]>
say [This post is W.I.P.]

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30 Scratchblock Ideas

You could just use a variable for this.
set rotation style [left-right v]
set [rotation style v] to [left-right]

set rotation style [all around v]
set [rotation style v] to [all around]

set rotation style [don't rotate v]
set [rotation style v] to [don't rotate]

Cloud lists were removed for the same reasons cloud variables only take numbers: to prevent blacklisted chatting.

Use the fill tool to make different color backgrounds, or just use the color block provided.

This might be okay, but you can always record a neural that has that voice if you want only certain phrases.

This block isn't really useful, as you can do this:
when gf clicked
wait until <>

Same as with rotation style.

There's engines that can detect turbo mode. It's not that hard.

Use a variable to print it.

There's a block called “username” under sensing.

Same as rotation style.

That might be an interesting idea to add, but it might not be possible.

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30 Scratchblock Ideas

Za-Chary wrote:

Just wanted to say that cloud lists are rejected, so the Scratch Team won't be adding them.
1.5 Cloud Lists
Cloud variables currently have several restrictions. There can be at most 10 cloud variables per project due to server costs. New Scratchers cannot use cloud variables, for it is easy to misuse them. Cloud variables can only support up to 256 numeric digits so it is harder to create chat projects; for more information, see #3.1 on this list.

Cloud lists would require similar restrictions, and the issues currently presented with cloud variables would only grow with the addition of cloud lists. You can still use cloud variables to create a list which contains entries everyone can see, but the Scratch Team will not be adding an official, easy way to make cloud lists.
Also, “set voice to ‘Daniel’”? Who's Daniel?
ok but the part about the daniel voice, thats like saying “Who is alto? Who is tenor?” Anyway its a texttospeech voice
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30 Scratchblock Ideas

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