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change your username!

hi I was gonna make a forum about changing usernames this forum would mean that in settings if you went into settings you can change your username by putting in your parents email - @fuzzy_monkey123
Pls support this and my stuuf - @rosebud08

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change your username!

Za-Chary wrote:

7.1 Changing usernames
If a user could change his or her username (or even set a certain “nickname”), this could be very confusing for the Scratch community, especially for those following that user. In addition, this would make moderation of the website more difficult because it would be harder for the Scratch Team to keep an eye on what a user may be doing. It could also be hard on the servers. The Scratch Team has allowed username changes only on very rare occasions, such as if the username contained inappropriate or revealing content. Generally the Scratch Team does not change usernames on request (such as “I do not like my current username anymore”).

However, because of the way that usernames are stored on the server, changing the cases of letters in your username (for example, changing @Za-Chary to @ZA-CHARY) is NOT rejected; you can discuss it on this post.

Therefore, no support.

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