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Downloadable Scratch?

Hi Scratch Team, I was just thinking, because my internet is REALLY SLOW, and I still like Scratch 1.6 downloadable, but I want the features of Scratch 2.0, that you could possibly make a downloadable version once everything is sorted, or a beta downloadable.

I'm just rather bored, cause many of the scratchers I follow are in different countries and have REALLY cool animations, and they're all posting it on Scratch 2.0, rather than the old website, I'm rather bored.

Hope you read this message, and that I got my one across!

Farewell, and THANKS!
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Downloadable Scratch?

Hey, sorry to hear about that . I managed to get a stand alone version of 2.0, but I am not sure whether I am supposed to have it yet or not, and it is not complete . You cannot import projects to it… You can create projects, but once scratch is closed, you won't be able to access the project you saved … If you still want it, I could email it to you or something, but I first need permission from an scratch admin, or someone.

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