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Silver Shorthair Productions (a blog!!)

Hi, I'm Silver Shorthair!!! Welcome to my blog!!

  • No Advertising
  • No being mean
  • Idk I'll think of one later

About me:
I'm an American cat who enjoys creating animations, games, engines, and art!!

What I'm working on:

  • Unnamed RPG - 0.6% Complete
I won't reveal too much about this TOP-SECRET project, but I will say that it'll be pretty cool. I will have fully-animated sprites with special aspects. also, IT WON'T INCLUDE THE WORD “Dungeon” IN THE TITLE.

  • Minecraft Game - 2% Complete
I have to say, it won't be anywhere near Griffpatch's Paper Minecraft. This game is going to have a more simple aspect. It'll probably be released next year.

  • Dynamic 3D Project - 0.0002% Complete
I'm going to try and make it as advanced as possible, and I'm probably going to be collaborating with Scratchers. The general idea is a smooth, high quality, fully-interactive world with lots of different quest, dynamic lighting, and a deep story.

  • Steampowered Game - 0% Complete
YUP. I'm planning on making a Steampowered game. It'll be an interactive 3D world with an exciting adventure, smooth 3D graphics, a 3D Model of your truly, Silver Shorthair, and you'll even meet new friends!!!!

  • A VR compatable project - ???% complete
AHA!!! Caught in the act!!! I knew you would try to steal my idea, so I'm not sharing any information on the project!!! Take that, you evil plagiarizers!!

  • RoboByte (AI Bot)
Pet project. Made for Discord and stuffs. Not being released to the public anytime soon.

  • Enderload Mod Loader for Griffpatch's paper Minecraft - 0% complete
Basically, it'll be an easier way to make/load Griffpatch's Paper Minecraft mods. It'll also include a few resource packs, Shaders, and mods made by me!! This will be an engine that allows for a lot more to be possible, and also easier. I'll also make a studio or forum for community-made.

  • Dynamic Lighting engine for Griffpatch's paper Minecraft - 0.0000001% complete
A dynamic shader.

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