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More projects or studios on environment.

As stated in the subject, We should create more projects and/or studios on how to create a better environment. I have found a couple of projects and/or studios that show ways to help create a safer and better environment. For example, This studio:https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/7283228/. I don't know how long the studio will be up for.

I also think Scratch should add a feature to where you can go into a category on what you are looking for. For example, If your searching and trying to find a project or studio about animals, You can go into category and choose animals. This would be a lot easier than searching “Animals” in the search bar and scrolling until you find one that you are looking for.

Sorry for a very long topic, but basically you know some of my suggestions for Scratch. Comment some more ideas on what you think Scratch should add as well.
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More projects or studios on environment.

Hi! I think it would be best if you put your two suggestions in two different topics.

For the first, no support.
While I agree that there should be more studios/projects on and about the environment, it is something that is up to people's decision. If they want to make a studio/project about the environment, they can, but it can't be forced by anyone.

For the second, Semi-Support.
I don't really know how exactly this would work, as I think it probably would show the same results as searching what you are looking for. Maybe you could elaborate a bit on how this could work?

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