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A Scratch App For Mobile

I think if they made a Scratch app for mobile (IOS,Android,Samsung,Google Play), that works offline and online then that would be very useful.

1) Using the browser on mobile (Chrome, Safari, etc.) Causes lag which cause the browser to crash “It happens to me a lot.”

With an app it would usually remove most lag and project would run much more smoother.

2) using a browser means having WiFi, Most iPads or phone don’t have cellular data and they are on the go.

With a app it would probably allow an offline mode (Like the software on computer) and kids, teens, and some adult could use scratch on the go.

3) with a browser you can’t really get notified if you have any messages

With an app, Probably you could make a notification slider for scratchers to get notified if they get any messages.

And that’s why there should be a scratch app for mobile.

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A Scratch App For Mobile

support. this is something I NEED for my IPad.

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