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Mobile-Friendliness blocks

I suggest the idea for a new extension for mobile-friendliness projects. This blocks would add screen control for projects. This would help the development of Mobile-friendliness projects easier like add on screen joystick and buttons. I suggested this because I wanted to make a mobile-friendliness version of my project, Astro Blaster, but i didn't know how to do that and couldn't figure use a joystick from the Mobile-friendliness resource studio but couldn't figure out how to make it work. I would think they would add a virtual joystick and buttons on screen and the sprite acts depending what the function is. Please add these to scracth please

I would also like it if someone would remix my project and make it mobile friendly.

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Mobile-Friendliness blocks

Support, though there is mobile friendly games with the
<mouse down?>
script, There is no swiping or other things that mobile things do. It would be nice if there are more scripts dedicated to mobile.

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Mobile-Friendliness blocks

Can drag in player and mouse down?

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