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A few suggestions for Scratch 3.0

1. Search bar in the sprite, costume, background, and sound libraries
If you're looking for a specific sprite, costume, background, or sound, instead of looking through all of the different tabs and scrolling through a lot of stuff, you can just type what you're looking for in a search bar
2. Add your own swatches
If Scratch is planning to add the swatches back to the sprite/backdrop editor and I'm maybe thinking of a way for scratchers to add their own swatches
3. Add back the tool where you can select the part of a picture in the bitmap editor you want to delete - If you import a picture into the bitmap editor it honestly was a lot easier and saved a lot of time to use the cropping tool instead of having to erase around what you want to keep in the picture
4. Transparency/Opacity tool in the paint and fill options
I like having transparent/no color as an option for shapes' gradients but I'm wanting a slider in the color editor where you choose the color for a shape or line that lets you change the transparency/opacity of a shape in the vector editor so I don't have to have the shapes be in its own sprite with the ghost effect on

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