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Apparently, the 2.0 editor hates my art.

Allow me to explain. I made a picture in a sprite, using the 2.0 editor. So when I was finished, (IT TOOK OVER TWO HOURS) I named the costume, and clicked the “Save to local file” button. It didn't respond, so I left the editor and came back, thinking it would fix it. But when I came back, BOOM! A blank sprite loads, instead of the hours of work that was supposed to show up. When I clicked the costume, it showed the vector tools, instead of the bitmap ones I used to make the picture. I'm guessing either I accidentally clicked it when I left the editor, or 2.0 glitched and changed it to vector. I think vector mode still has some problems converting bitmap costumes into vector costumes. So for all you Scratch-Teamers out there, would you kindly fix the horrid glitches, so it doesn't happen to the next unfortunate artist? Thanks. ~Lobie Dobie Doo

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when green flag clicked
if <[Pinkie Promise] = [Broken]> then
say [YOU PINKIE PROMISED!!!] for (2) secs
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