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Text Based Code Support


Here is where I got the original idea, I will explain far more than that.

I would like to add this block:

locate global var[] with value ():: grey

run code [] :: grey

result :: grey reporter

It can be used like this:

locate global var[in1] with value (1):: grey
locate global var[in2] with value (2):: grey
run code [function add(var a,var b){] :: grey
run code [ return a+b;] :: grey
run code [}] :: grey
run code [result add(in1,in2);] :: grey
say(result :: grey)
//sprite says 3

Note that it uses JS, because variables in Scratch are vars, not ints or chars etc.

The question is: is this possible?

run code (join (join [result ](variable))[.slice(2,4);]) :: grey

if it was, it would let scratch make a lot better, outclassing some of the TEXT BASED CODE languages. However, it would be very hard to make…


Here is another Block Based Coding language. It has Text Based Code support(partially, in python), and this far more easier than my suggestion, but also less “useful”.

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KOI is pretty easy, hope IOI is better…
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