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Some more bugs of 3.0 and my suggestions

In scratch 3.0, because of the conversion to flash to whatever it is… this means that variables shown on the project can clip through the top bar. Also variables have gotten a bit too big, filling in most of the screen, and some old slider variables from 2.0 are stuck below the bounds of 3.0 variables. Also can there just be a slider to change project area from 2.0 to 3.0? Most block-coders now use the left side of the screen for the project area and scripting to the right, this is now considered counter-entuative. Also the lack of a pre-made palette is now much more difficult. I'd consider a boost in cloud variables, probably 20 or 30. It's quite nice if we can make multi-player games and servers similar to what @griffpatch has been doing recently in the past couple of earth-years. (For some reason we think 2011 is so far because the internet-based calendar runs on a 24 minute day cycle, so that's about 500 or so internet years.) Also scratchx hasn't been updated to 3.0 yet, and probably never will. Also numerous music-based projects based on synced timings, and ever since 3.0 started they started to REALLY desync.
say [also these blocks haven't been changed to the 3.0 style yet.]
There's STILL a lot to cover in the new scratch update. I hope the scratch team reads this and maybe adds some stuff and fix the things I talked about. This for some odd reason seems rushed, and hopefully the scratch team notices some bugs and additions that may improve scratch 3.0 as a whole. Right now its more 2.4 ish now. Also can y'all change the block colors back to 2.0 and add the ability to change your name on an account? -@ronezjk15
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Some more bugs of 3.0 and my suggestions

please post glitches in the bugs and glitches section

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