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Updates and Bug Fixes


We want to thank you all for the great feedback you’ve been giving us about Scratch 3.0! We’ve been busy reading what you have to say about it and wanted to update you about some of the work we’re doing in response to this. We designed Scratch 3.0 to be easier to build on than Scratch 2.0 was, so while Scratch 2.0 didn’t change very much, you will see Scratch 3.0 grow over time with new features and extensions.

Bug fixes

Since launching Scratch 3.0 last week, we’ve already fixed a few things! Here’s a list of what has already been fixed; if you’re still having problems related to these things, head on over to the Bugs & Glitches forum and let us know!

  • Projects were getting stuck on the loading project screen – many of these issues we were able to connect to various Chrome extensions that would block the project page and editor from loading. We’ve made some changes that have greatly reduced the number of these errors.
  • Blurry images – many images in projects made in 2.0 appeared blurry, especially for bitmap images. We made some significant improvements here that should greatly reduce this. While it’s much better, it’s not perfect yet so we’re still working on this.
  • The “Notes & Credits” and “Instructions” sections of the project page were still being shown even when one was empty. This has been fixed to match 2.0.
  • The “Notes & Credits” and “Instructions” sections of the project page had too low of a character limit which has also been fixed.
  • Love & Favorite notifications weren’t showing up, but they are now!
  • The ‘View all’ link for project remixes and studios has returned, so you can see what studios a project has been added to as well as all of its remixes.
  • There were quite a few reports of Scratchers having trouble loading their backpacks, we believe that we have now resolved most of these issues.
  • Sometimes when dragging sprites out of the backpack, sprites did not show up in the sprite area. You should be able to see dragged sprites now.
  • Project saving was very slow and sometimes caused your browser to “freeze”. This has now been fixed as well!
  • The “ghost” graphic effect had an issue where it could go below 0 and above 100. This caused some projects to break, but has now been fixed and works the same as it did in Scratch 2.0.
  • The maximum number of cloud variables allowed in a project was mistakenly limited to eight rather than ten. This limit is now 10 variables again!

Known issues

This isn’t a comprehensive list of all known issues, but we did want to address some of the most common and highest impact issues that we’ve seen reported.

  • Some projects still don’t load, or act significantly differently than they did in Scratch 2.0 – We are making progress on these and appreciate all the information you can provide us here!
  • Projects are failing to save in some cases – Some of these, especially the first 2 days after Scratch 3.0, were related to server issues which should no longer be happening. We’re still looking into these, though, and if this is still happening for you we would appreciate more information about the state of your project when it happens.

    In the meantime, one thing you can do to save your progress is to click “File > Save to your computer” in the editor. It will save as a .sb3 file format. When you are ready to keep working on it, you can upload the .sb3 again with “File > Load from your computer.”

  • Projects are working, but the code is gone – We have seen some cases where a project works, but does not display any code when viewing in the editor. If this is happening to your project, please provide us with a link to it here.
  • Uploading a project into an existing project creates a new project ID instead of updating the project which was open. We plan to change this behavior back to the way it worked in Scratch 2.0, but changing this will take some time, stay tuned.

Feedback & Suggestions

A lot changed with Scratch 3.0 and we’ve been listening to what you have to say about it. Here are some of the suggestions we’ve seen and what our thoughts are on them.

  • The blocks are too big: We changed the block size in Scratch 3.0 primarily to help new users and to work well on devices with touch screens. We are aware that the block size isn’t ideal for projects with many scripts. We are listening to your feedback about this and exploring options.
  • The sound editor should have the same editing capabilities as it did in 2.0: We realize that the sound editing capabilities are important to you, and it is a priority for us to include this again. It may take us some time to change this, so your patience is greatly appreciated.
  • The new Color Picker in the paint editor is much more flexible, but some Scratchers miss the color “swatches” that allowed you to pick colors more quickly: We are looking into ways to bring back color swatches.
  • Animated GIFs can’t be imported: This is something we’re planning on adding back to Scratch, and adding this functionality is a priority for us but it will take some time while we work on fixing some bugs first.
  • You can’t import multiple images into a costume or background: This is also a priority for us to implement but, (much like animated gifs) it will take us a bit of time to get this up and running again.
  • You can’t export sounds or costumes: This is another feature we do plan to implement in the future.

If you discover a bug or are still experiencing ones listed above, please head over to the Bugs & Glitches forum: https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/3/

If you would like to share your ideas or suggestions for future iterations of Scratch, please share them with us in the Suggestions forum: https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/1/

Thanks again with all of your patience while we work through these things, and we can’t wait to see all of the amazing things you create in Scratch 3.0!

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