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Have the option to turn off auto-save or change how frequent the project saves

Scratch 3.0 is very slow when it comes to saving projects as compared to 2.0. The biggest issue is that while you’re trying to run a script while in the editor or on full screen, the project saves even there, and when the project saves in 3.0, it freezes until it finally finishes. Once it finishes, the project can lag for as long as it was frozen while saving. This is painful to deal with especially if you have big projects, and having to wait 30 seconds or more randomly without warning can really mess up the flow of programming. Auto-saving should be an option, or at least modifiable to be easier to work with. Being able to toggle when it auto-saves can help people get more work done, since while the project is saving you can’t do anything. Options like “Auto-save every: time” or “Auto-save when: action” alone can make this new version easier to work with.

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Have the option to turn off auto-save or change how frequent the project saves

I think this is a good idea. Of course, chances are good that the Scratch Team will improve this in the future so that not only will it auto-save, but it will also take very little time to do so.

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