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[thread closed] ★ Known Bugs & Glitches on 3.0 ★

what'll happen when we reach a billion projects? billion has 10 numbers, and the phone number censor might cover the links to future parodies of mine

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[thread closed] ★ Known Bugs & Glitches on 3.0 ★

Hello everyone!

We are now 8 months out from the launch of Scratch 3.0. As you may have noticed, the Scratch Team has not been super active on this thread (which was created in January 2019) and most of the bugs on this list are pretty much resolved.

That said, we are now going to close this thread. If you still have a bug or problem, please keep using the Bugs & Glitches Forum and we will try our best to look at your issues.

Thank you so much for your helpful feedback, thoughtful critique, and enthusiasm

Scratch on!
<3 pondermake on behalf of the Scratch Team

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