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Project Page Glitches

On a project page, while I was editing one of my projects, the Notes and Credits box just went right through the Project Tags box, meaning that I could put text in the Notes and Credits, and if it was long enough, the text would be covered by the Project Tags box. The Notes and Credits box just expanded as if there were no Project Tags box, even though there is (and I can even put tags in it as usual), but the text just ignores the Project Tags and keeps going, being covered. It's really annoying.

Also, sometimes, when I am at a project page (any), all the assets in the loading bar thing is loaded (shows: Project loading *return key function* of loaded), but the project and all the sprites and everything just doesn't show up inside the project itself (the comments, instructions, and notes do, though) and it's stuck at the loading screen. It's rare, but it happens sometimes.

Please fix both.

(I tried to get the pictures of it using Snipping Tool, but I can't copy it over here, so…)

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Project Page Glitches

I saw that too!

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