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Circos; A Different Kind of Collab

I've been working on a game, Circos, for a while now.
I decided that it's just a little too much to work on alone, so I decided to make it a collab. Not a traditional collab, quite a different one.

Collab Information:

You don't have to join, apply, or anything. Instead, you check the Studio page and see what the goal is at the moment. Goals will last from a week to a month, depending on how difficult the task is.

One project will be picked most of the time; however sometimes when multiple projects are quite good they will both be added.

The Studio is open, so you can add any project. Please add projects related to the goal, otherwise they will be removed.

The best project will be determined by the most love-its, however there may be exceptions, depending on the quality of the projects entered.

Each time a goal is completed, it will be added to the base edition of Circos and the version number will increase by 0.1. The winner of each goal will be credited both here, in the studio, and in the project.

I won't be taking on a special roll, I'll be entering on my main account, Tezliov, to compete for love-its just like everyone else.

Multiple Scratchers can work on a goal together; Make sure to credit each other in the description though, or only the uploader will be added to the credits.

Game Information:

The game will be a singleplayer RPG, where you can customize your character, explore the world, and do quests for NPCs or just enter caves, tombs, and ruins for yourself and loot. I'm planning on implementing a cloud saving system eventually, so that you don't have to restart if you want to come back and play later.
I've shared what I've done so far and entered comments on every sprite and most important scripts, describing what they do. If you're confused about what something does, reply here, on the project, or on the comments on my page. I'll try to reply to them as much as I can.
Here's the project: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/18951358/
Here's the studio: http://scratch.mit.edu/studios/369579/
I've also compressed the images (And a few other failed attempts, haha) into a ZIP file, which you can download here: http://www.2shared.com/file/QzO0ezxq/Circosimages.html?
WARNING: The upper, large “download” button is really an ad. The lower one is the real one.

Goals and Credits

Goal One (For version 0.2): Bug Squashing and Hit Detection Fixes.
(Remember, you can work on other things if you wish, just make sure to include the goal in your project also!)
End Date: Friday March 14th, 2014.

Credits (As of version 0.1):
Base game: Tezliov

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