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✿ Problems, Feature Suggests, & Glitches for Microbit Extension (In Scratch 3) ✿

✿ Hello ✿

As you can see in 【 https://makecode.microbit.org/# 】There are more features in the block editor such as radio blocks.
In Scratch 3 beta 【 https://beta.scratch.mit.edu/ 】As you can see the block features are more less

Here is how to connect to the Microbit: https://scratch.mit.edu/microbit

This is a topic for Microbit Extension in Scratch 3!

-Suggest what Block feature should be added to Microbit extension in the blocks/scripts!
-Don't suggest the ‘Feature’ in the Microbit!
-Tell glitches, bugs, errors, and mistakes in the Microbit!
-Tell problems like “I can't connect to the Microbit!”

-I tried to connect to the Microbit but it failed! (I've done the steps on https://scratch.mit.edu/microbit but it did not work!!!)
-I suggest a block activating the radio feature!

set [Radio group] to [13]
broadcast [Radio Signal]

Ye somethin' like that…

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