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Hogwarts Camp | Word Crawls!

World Crawls

Hello young witch or wizard, here you will post your word crawls that you make for the 9/15 activity of the Hogwarts Camp.

Please remain on topic when posting in this forum.

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Hogwarts Camp | Word Crawls!

You have just received your letter to Hogwarts! Yay!

You hurry with your family to the Hogwarts Express, you might be late! Quick! Try to write 200 words in 5 minutes! If you can do so, you arrive just in time! If you can't, grab yourself the nearest magic flying car and fly yourself there! Write 150 words while you wait in the car.

You are about to be sorted, try and write the following words in 2 minutes.
50 - 80: Gryffindor!
80 - 100: Hufflepuff!
100 - 150: Slytherin!
150 - 200: Ravenclaw!
Cheers to you! Your house claps as you go join them.

Potions! Try not to get Snape mad, right at least 150 words in 3 minutes, otherwise write an extra 50 words!

Transfiguration, can you turn your stick into a walking stick? Write 150 words in 3 minutes, otherwise write an extra 50 words!

The rest of your classes go by smoothly, however now it's time for Quidditch training! Try and write the following words in 1 minute!
10-25: You can't get your broom into your hand.
25-50: You manage to achieve lift off from the ground.
50-75: You can do basic turns.
75-100: You're a pro!

And that's it, the day is done, but wait what's the password/answer/whatever to get into your house's common room? Try and write 600 words in 7 minutes, if you can, you're in! You can sleep peacefully, if you can't try to run and sprint (150 words in 2 minutes) to get help from a Prefect!

And finally the day is over.

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Hogwarts Camp | Word Crawls!

i'm marshyee and i approve this message

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Hogwarts Camp | Word Crawls!

You have been accepted into Hogwarts!
Today you are going to go to get your school supplies. You head out the door and check your watch. Oh no! You are going to run out of shopping time if you don't hurry! Quick! Sprint 300 words in 5 minutes!
If you made it- then great! You got there and finished your shopping on time, you can go to get some butterbeer now!
If you didn't, oh no, better luck next time. You come out of the shops without your school books and have to shop for them tomorrow. Type 500 words.
Today you are going on the Hogwarts express. You check your bags, but oh no!
You forgot something! Roll a dice or pick a number from 1 to 6:
If you rolled (number) you forgot:
1. Your pet (cat/owl/toad) (wow so forgetful write 500 words)
2. Your books (good thing you realised do a one minute sprint)
3. Your quill (write 250 words)
4. Your whole suitcase! (uh oopsie I wonder how that happened)
5. Your spare robes (do a two minute word sprint)
6. Nothing! So organised! (you don't need to write anything just go have a 30 second break)
You board the Hogwarts express. You find an empty compartment and have a nice trip. But then… knock knock! There's someone at the door. Who is it?
(you choose this)
The food lady (write 200 words)
Your friend (sprint for 2 minutes)
Someone you don't know but is very kind (attempt a 50 headed hydra)
Now your at Hogwarts! Congratulations!
You are greeted by Hagrid and Professor McGonagall, who leads you to the sorting hat.
Type as many words as you can in 5 minutes.
If you typed:
<100 words then you are in Slytherin
100-200 words then you are in Gryffindor
200-300 words then you are in Hufflepuff
>300 words then you are in Ravenclaw
Now it's time to go to the common rooms. If you are in Hufflepuff you can have a break because your rooms are next to the kitchen. Otherwise, type 100 words as you find your room.
The next day, you go to your first class, which turns out to be Charms. If you are in Ravenclaw then take a break because you know everything. Otherwise, type 200 words.
After that, you are faced by a mountain troll who has escaped and snuck into Hogwarts. If you are in Gryffindor you defeat him immediately. Otherwise, type 300 words as you face the troll.
And at the end of the day, you realise that you are out of bounds and you might be caught. If you are in Slytherin, you can take a break as you have already sneaked out but otherwise type 400 words as you try to get out when not getting caught.
In the night, you have a great dinner and laugh with your new friends.
(okay I'm sorry if I acciendtally copied anyone I actually didn't I made it up on the spiot but if it's like anyone else's sorry I didn't mean t and I probably didn;t see yours anyway otherwise I would have changed this.)
o o f my wrist really hurts after typing all that

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Hogwarts Camp | Word Crawls!

Imagine you are at Diagon Alley, shopping for your supplies for school.
Pick your pet:
Owl (100 words in 2 minutes)
Cat (100 words in 1 and 1/2 minutes)
Toad (100 words in 1 minute)
Rat (50 words in 3/4’s a minute)
If you got a pet, great! If not, you can stop by Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes later to get a Pigmi-Puff.

Now, pay for your books (Pick 6 classes (must include potions, DADA, and Transfiguration) ):
Potions: (300 words in 5 minutes)
Care of Magical Creatures: (100 words in one minute)
Transfiguration: (100 words in 1 minute)
DADA: (200 words in two minutes)
History of Hogwarts: (100 words in 1 minute)
Herbology: (100 words in one minute)
Astrology: (100 words in one minute)
Charms: (100 words in one minute)
History of Magic (50 words in one minute)
Arithmancy: (50 words in one minute)
Muggle Studies (50 words in one minute)
Divination: (50 words in 1/2 a minute)
Study of Ancient Runes: (50 words in 1/2 a minute)
If you failed to do any of these, no matter the number, you must face one week of trophy room detention and must write 50 words in one minute. Do this until you are able to do so.

Magical clothes:
Robes: (150 words in 3 minutes)
Hat (100 words in one minute)
Dress Robes: (200 words in 5 minutes)

Quidditch (Optional):
Jersey: (100 words in 2 minutes)
Firebolt: (200 words in five minutes)
Nimbus 2000: (100 words in 2 minutes)
Nimbus 2001: (100 words in 2 minutes)

Weasley’s Wizard Wheezles (Optional):
Pigmipuff (If you don’t already have a pet) (If you don’t want a pet this is optional): (50 words in one minute)
Pranks: (100 words in one minute)
Love Potion: (200 words in five minutes)

Great! You have completed your basic shopping! Congrats! Now look at the time! The train leaves in 10 minutes! Hurry to pay for your ticket!
(100 words in 2 minutes). Okay! By now you should have paid for your ticket. If not, try this (50 words in one minute). If not, try this (25 words in one minute). Now, you have five minutes. Get on the platform (50 words in two minutes)! Now find a cabin: (50 words in two minutes). Lastly (optional) make friends: (60 words in one minute)

YAY! You have made it onto the train! And not a moment too soon! Would you like anything from the trolley?
Yes=100 words in one mintue
No=No words

The train has stopped, and you have arrived at Hogwarts!
Now, it is time for your sorting. Write the house of your choice as many times as you can in 5 MINUTES!
Great job!

50+ = Hufflepuff
100+ = Gryffindor
150+ = Slytherin
200+ = Ravenclaw!

Now you have sat down at your table, welcome by your fellow housemates. Let the feast begin! Welcome to Hogwarts!

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Hogwarts Camp | Word Crawls!

Your name has been chosen from the Goblet of Fire and you are the Hogwarts champion! You are excited but also nervous for what lies ahead. Sprint to 200 words to shake off the nerves.

Rita Skeeter comes to interview you and the other champions for the Daily Prophet. Write for 3 minutes and if you get more than 125 words, Rita wrote the truth about you! If you worte less, sorry but Rita's not about to break her habit of using the Quik Quotes Quill.

It's time for the first task: Dragons! Write for 10 minutes to determine which dragon you have to fight.

Swedish Short-snout ~ 200-300 words
Welsh Green ~ 325- 400
Chinese Fireball ~ 425-500
Hungarian Horntail ~ 525-600

Now that you have your dragon, sprint to 150 words to fight it. Congrats! You made it out alive, only a few small scratches. Next, you have the golden egg but what to do with it? Roll a die and if it's an even number, you figured the clue out on your own. If it's odd, one of the other champions helped you out.

It's time for the second task! Which will you use to save your friend? Write for 5 minutes to figure it out!

Bubble Head Charm ~ 150 words or less
Gillyweed ~ more than 150 words

Will you save your friend within the hour? Sprint to 200 words to swim down to the bottom of the lake. Congrats! You made it out of the lake with 2 minutes to spare!

Now for the last task. It's the maze. Which way do you go in? Choose one and type that many words.

Left ~ 100 words
Right ~ 200 words
Forward ~ 300 words

If you chose left, you've come across a boggart! Sprint to 150 words to fight it off with the spell “Riddikulus!”
If you chose right, you've come across an Acromantula. Best to turn around and go a different direction…
If you chose to go forward, you've come across a Sphinx. She has a riddle for you….Write for 3 minutes. If you get more than 100 words, congrats! You answered correctly! If not, sorry but you've been kicked out of the maze. (go down to the bottom and skip the next part)

You've made it to the center of the maze! But it looks like someone's running torwards it! Write for 5 minutes to try and beat them! If you get 150 words or more, you got to the trophy first and you're the winner! If not, better luck next time.

The Triwizard Tournament is over and no matter if you won or not, you've decided never to do it again! XD You can now relax and spend the rest of your school year in peace…unless you're Harry Potter, of course….

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Hogwarts Camp | Word Crawls!

Crawl: Hogwarts during the battle.
You're after waking up late for that train and are an underage wizard (No magic for you).
Take your parents flying car (probably going to result in a howler) - 200 words
Take your broom - 300 words
Find a time turner and set an alarm for that morning - 400 words
Congratulations! You get to Hogwarts and meet up with your friends. The only struggle is the fact that it's being run by death eaters… You go to your first DA(DA) class of the year which the Carrow's are teaching. Their methods are cruel and your first assignment (as a 6th/7th year) is to practice the Cruciatus Curse on meek little first years.
You don't want to mess with the Carrow twins and do the task - 100 words
You are reluctant to do the task but after a friend pressures you, you complete the task - 200 words
You rebel against them and refuse to do the task which results in punishment - 300 words
Skip if you didn't take the CAR! Hey, remember that flying car you took at the start of the year? Well your parents found out and you receive a howler in the mail. Snape being Snape brings you up to the top of the hall to let them all witness your embarrassment. How much worse can the year get?
Put on a Well-I'm-Not-That-Embarrassed act - write for 5 minutes
Get embarrassed - Write for 2 minutes
Harry returns to Hogwarts!!!!! Yaaaaaaaayy! (Cont)
Are you happy to see him? If so write 100 words
If not write 150 words.
Do you fight on Harry's side? Join Voldy? Run away from the battle?
Harry's side - 300 words
Voldemort's side - Write for 30 minutes
Run - Attempt to do a 50 headed Hydra (500 words in 5 minutes). If you fail write another 100 words to make up for it.
Harry has won the battle!!!!! Congratulations, now you can continue your Hogwarts journey/get a career (Only 7th years do the latter but yeah…)! See you.

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Hogwarts Camp | Word Crawls!

(from the view of a muggle-born witch/wizard)

Wow! You got a letter in the mail! Write 200 words to find out what's inside!

What's this? Hogwarts, you've never heard of this school. Time to research! Write for 5 minutes to find out your research.

50 words - A clown university?
100 words - Oh a dog training school
300 words - Centaurs and spiders?
500 words- A closed down building

Finally, after all the research you did, you give up. There's nothing about this school online! Oh well, you'll have to find out when you go to platforn 9 3/4? That's a thing? Write 200 words in your confusion.

The letter told you about all your supplies, now to choose your pet. Owls? Cat? Toads? What kind of school is this? Write for 2 minutes to find out your pet.

<25 - Cat
50 - Owl
75 - Toad

Whew now you have your pet, and weird supplies. You were able to find a seller on the black market to get your, unordinary, supplies! Now to King's Cross! Write 400 words during your long car ride.

Wow, that worked? You ran into a witch and her children heading to the platform, and they were nice enough to tell you what to do! They said to run through the wall, skeptical, you did! Wow that's some magic. Write for 3 minutes as you bask in your glory.

Wow, that's a big train, you wave goodbye to your family and climb the stairs. Hmmm where to sit, where to sit. There's tons of seats! But which one? Write for 1 minute to find out!

<15 - The smelly kid
25 - The quiet kid, nothing wrong with that! You're just very bored
50 - Someone asks you to sit by them, score!

Whether you had fun on the ride or not, you're finally at the mystical Hogwarts! Time to find out all you need to know!

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Hogwarts Camp | Word Crawls!

Crawl: Dueling lessons in the underground

It's time for your dueling lessons. To practice, you get to choose who you get paired up with.
If you pick a…
1st year: Write for 5 minutes, if you don't reach 100 words, see below
3rd year: Write for 7 minutes, if you don't reach 300 words, see below
7th year: Wow, how brave! Write for 10 minutes, and if you don't reach 700 words, see below
Uh-oh. You're going to have to listen to lectures about dueling now.
Write for 5 minutes, if you don't reach 200 words, do your homework that you're probably supposed to be doing instead of Scratching
Professor Lockhart invites you to duel with him. Sprint to 500 words.
Congrats! You've finished a class, and even beat a teacher! (granted, they're not very good at their job, but still!)
Now go eat a cookie.
(Please tell me if I got something wrong, I haven't read these things in 3 years and I'm just starting to reread.)

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Hogwarts Camp | Word Crawls!

From the view of a muggle born

Congrats! You made it to The Chamber Of Secrets! Your fate depends on this very moment.

You walk for a little bit. Then you see a person. You lean in and see that the person is the memory of Tom Riddle.

You can:
Run away before he sees you- 45 words in 2 minutes
Wait until he notices you- 65 words in 4 minutes
Cough until he notices you- 100 words in 5 minutes

If you picked RUN away and did it:

You are now out of the chamber of secrets. You can stop reading this.

If you picked WAIT OR COUGH:
He noticed you.
He says" Oh ! You were just the person I was looking for. And you managed to get down here! Not many people are Parseltounge, but the reason I was looking for you , IS THAT I WANT TO SET THE BASILISK ON YOU!"

You can:
Stay quiet and let the basilisk hurt you-60 words
Try to hurt the basilisk- 80 words

You are closing your eyes. Nothing happens for a few seconds , so you open your eyes. There is a puddle on the ground. Suddenly , you see a pair of yellow eyes. Then you are petrified and wake up i the hospital wing a week later and can stop reading this story.

You are jumping on thing to thing trying to save yourself. Then , you get hold of one of it's fangs. You take it out of his mouth and wack it in his eye. He can't see you , but he can smell you. Finally,you are too tired to jump anymore and you are falling, falling , until you wake up in the hospital wing.

I hope you enjoyed this.


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Hogwarts Camp | Word Crawls!

Word Crawl 9/22
HP Word Crawl: Depending on your writing speed, pick your blood status.

Muggleborn: Slower (15-30 wpm)

Halfblood: Medium (31-40 wpm)

Pureblood: Faster (41- 60 wpm)

Galleons can be used to purchase round skips. If you don’t want to do a specific challenge, spend a Galleon in order to move on to the next one.

You receive your Hogwarts letter by owl and are super excited to head out for your first year at Hogwarts. Sprint to 100 to let out your excitement and energy.

You arrive in Diagon Alley and your first stop is Gringotts, wizard bank. Write for ten minutes. The amount of words you write will determine how many Galleons are in your vault.


Less than 100 words: 1 Galleon

100-200 words: 2 Galleons

More than 200 words: 3 Galleons


Less than 150 words: 1 Galleon

150-250 words: 2 Galleons

More than 250 words: 3 Galleons


Less than 250 words: 1 Galleon

250-350 words: 2 Galleons

More than 350 words: 3 Galleons

Next, it's time to get your wand! You step into Ollivander’s wand shop. Roll a die and multiply your roll by 100. Sprint to that many words.

Finally, you’re done shopping! But before you leave, you decide that you want to purchase a pet. Write for 12 minutes as you search for the perfect animal for you. Pick one: owl, cat, toad. (no rats or Animagi in disguise allowed)

After months of waiting, you’ve arrived on platform 9 ¾ and boarded the Hogwarts Express! Write to the nearest thousand (depending on your current word count). If you need to write more than 500 words, you can skip it by taking one Galleon.

Anything off the trolley, dear? Buy some sweets to help get you through the ride! Depending on your candy, find your challenge below!

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans: Participate in a Fifty Headed Hydra as you frantically try to get the taste of vomit out of your mouth.

Chocolate Frog: Write for five minutes as you chase down the frog.

Licorice Wand: Sprint to 150 words

Pumpkin Pasties: Roll a die and multiply by 50. Write that many words.

If you take the lot and complete all the challenges, take one Galleon as well. If you have a cat, you may skip this round for free.

You arrive at the castle and wait in the hall with the rest of the first years. You notice a boy with messy black hair and glasses talking with a redheaded boy, a girl with bushy hair whispering to the people around her, and a boy with pale… well, everything. Write for ten minutes as you attempt to socialize with the people around you.

Professor McGonagall escorts you and your peers into the Great Hall for the Sorting. After the Sorting Hat sings its song and several students walk up timidly, your name is called, and you sit yourself down on the stool, timid and worried about what is about to happen. McGonagall places the hat on your head, and you are sorted into your House. Pick from the four Houses- Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.

Gryffindor: Are you brave enough to write 5 times your typing speed in 10 minutes?

Hufflepuff: Remain loyal to your word count and write steadily for one hour with no breaks.

Ravenclaw: Calculate how many words it will take for you to write to the nearest 1000.

Slytherin: You’re an ambitious one, aren’t you? Write 1000 words in 30 minutes!

The feast is delicious! Roll a die and multiply your roll by 150 as you eat at your House table and talk with those around you, as well as your House ghost. If you have an owl, you may skip this round for free.

Now, it's time to go to bed since you've had such an eventful day. Sprint to 100 words to wind down. YAY! Congrats, you've finished your first day at Hogwarts! Get some sleep so you can get up to learn all about the Wizarding World!

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Hogwarts Camp | Word Crawls!

Dumbledore's Army Crawl

Welcome to Dumbledore's Army!
You signed your name on the paper. Whether you like it or not, you're a part of it now. Today is Harry's first lesson- let's see if you're cut out for the rebellion against Umbridge and the Ministry of Magic.

First spell: Expelliarmus!
Though it may not seem too deadly, the disarming spell can save your life if you use it quick enough. This spell knocks the wand right out of your opponent's hand.
It's time to practice!
Roll a six-sided die. The number you get determines your practicing opponent.
1: Zacharias Smith- write 100 words
2: Neville Longbottom- write 200 words
3: Ron Weasley- write 300 words
4: Ginny Weasley- write 400 words
5: Hermione Granger- write 500 words
If you can get to your goal in 3 minutes or less, you can skip the next spell.

Second spell: Impedimenta!
This spell is the impediment jinx. It slows down whoever you jinx.
Time to practice!
You're practicing against Cho Chang today. She's already pretty good at the jinx, but you…not so much. This is why you need the practice.
Write for ten minutes.If your total words is greater than 800, you have successfully cast the jinx on Cho. You can skip the next spell. If the total is between 400 and 800, you cast the jinx, but it missed and ended up hitting a table instead. If the total is less than 400, you weren't quick enough and Cho has slowed you down. For the next spell, you must write double the words it says.

Third spell: Stupefy!
This spell stuns your attacker. It knocks them back and hopefully keeps them down for a while.
Time to practice!
Today it's all about concentration. Really focus on what you're doing in your writin- I mean magic.
Take the last two digits of your word count and multiply it by ten. If it's less than 100, add 400 to your count. >:) Write that many words in as much time as you want.
If you do that in less than six minutes, you completely wiped out your opponent (Fred Weasley) and you've got a special advantage in the final challenge.

Final challenge!!
The final challenge is a test made by Harry to see how much you've learned so far. Let's hope you've done well in your spells so far and can pass this test.
First test- expelliarmus
Count the number of letters in the last sentence you wrote. Multiply that by 5 and write that many words.

Second test- impedimenta
Find your favorite song and look at how long it plays. Take those three numbers and write that many words.

Third test- stupefy
If your main OC is younger than 16, take their age and multiply it by 25. Write that many words. If your main OC is 16 or older than 16, take their age and multiply it by 15. Write that many words.If you successfully stupefied Fred during that practice round, you can write half as many words as you're supposed to.

Congratulations! You finished the test! Harry and all the others are very pleased to have you in Dumbledore's Army and hope you'll be around to help out for years to come. You've shown you're a master with words- I mean spells, and that when it comes to pencils- I mean wands, you're quite the performer.

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Hogwarts Camp | Word Crawls!

Imagine this:
You have just discovered that you have been selected to play in the Triwizard Tournament!
What school are you from?

Beaubottoms: 70 words in one minute
Durmstang: 60 words in one minute
Hogwarts: 50 words in one minute

Great! Now, ‘‘tis time to select your first task. What dragon do you get?

Norwegian Ridgeback: 70 words in one minute

Chinese Fireball: 80 words in one minute

Hungarian Horntail: 60 words in one minute

Welsh Green: 50 words per minute

Now that you have selected your dragon, quick! Write as many words as you can in two minutes.
0-49: You find your way out with severe injuries, and must spend a month in the healing center.
50-75: You escape with an injury.
76-100: You escape with bruises and scratches, but you’ll be okay.
100-125: You find a way out with only rips on your clothing
126+: You pull a Harry and fly off on your broom to victory!

Congrats on surviving your first challenge! What place have you landed yourself in? Write 100 words and time yourself!
1 minute-1 1/2?: 1st!
1 1/2-2: 2nd
2-2 1/2: 3rd
2 1/2+: 4th

Okay! Now, you have waited months, preparing for the second competition. To breathe under water, what do you do?
Bubblehead charm?: 50 words in 30 seconds
Sharkhead charm?: 40 words in 30 seconds
Gillyweed?: 30 words in 30 seconds

You played great! What was your result? Write as many words in one minute as you can!
1st: 60+
2nd: 45+
3rd: 30+
4th: 1-29

Great job! It is now time for the FINAL challenge. Will you survive. Quick! Write as many words as you can in five minutes to find out how you do in the maze!
200+: You find your way to the cup and grab it, Discovering it is not a portkey.
150+: You make it to the cup near seconds after another competitor does
100+: You get entranced under the Imperio curse, and have beeen eliminated from the competition
1-99: You have tried your best, but you are lost. You use your emergency flare.

Now, to discover if you win, tally up all the words you have written (add them). If you have written over 500 words, congrats! You have won! If not, don’t worry! You did your school proud!


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