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unban fnaf

fnaf on scratch used to be good but now its dead. All the scratch team has done by banning it is killing a community and deleting hours of work

its not that scrary
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unban fnaf


I'm sorry for being unpleasant, but firstly I don't think this is the right forum to post such a request. From my understanding is this board supposed to be for introducing one's own creations to the community. Maybe it would be more effective to write a Scratch team member a nice and constructive message on profile and start a civilised debate there. I seriously doubt that your request would be noticed here.

Oh, I've seen a kid in our library play scratched Fnaf. I found it kinda…non-scary. (not a big fan of Fnaf, I must confess) But! I believe that if something's yours, you should be free to do whatever with it as long as you're not harming others. So, if the Scratch team wants to ban horror games on their site, it's totally ok in my book. After all, they promised us users a safe place completely without any potentionally disturbing content, where even a very small children can browse and contribute. Uploading Fnaf here was in my opinion a pointless effort anyway, as it was clear it's probably going to be eventually brought down. Maybe there's another place on the Internet where all kinds of games are welcomed and you can move your scratched Fnafs there without the fear of being banned?
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unban fnaf


Sorry mods if I'm not supposed to reply to a thread that should be moved, but I would agree that banning FNAF entirely, regardless of content, would be bad. But, what if you tried making something a little more like FNAF World? I don't know much about the plot, but the character designs are mostly colorful and far from threatening, and the story's content isn't as bad as the other games. Like Azertethia mentioned, it would be pointless to upload anything that has gore, jumpscares, explicit child death, or anything else that horror-sensitive people (or babies, as you might think of them,) would find scary, but if you made a more Disney version of FNAF that follows the site guidelines, I'm sure it would be taken down a lot slower if at all.

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