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Connecting Scratch to Gardening

There should be a gardening connection to Scratch. The machine will require a 120V attachment, a master hose attachment, 4 garden hose attachments, 5 1/2-in. drip attachments, & 10 1/4-in. drip tube attachments.
Blocks below:
set [H1] to ()%
-Sets hose attachment (in this case garden hose 1)
([pressure] of [QD6])
-Displays first input of second input
–pressure in millipascals or psi
–temp in Centigrade or Fahrenheit
–humidity in % (universal)
change measurement to [metric]
-changes measurement of block 2 above to metric or imperial.
turn machine [on]
-Turns machine off or on.
One can sign in to the machine. It will connect to the person's account. Sign the Scratch project's serial code into the machine.

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