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Order form:
It's simple!

Please give me credit if you use it.

I use this to draw. If you have any questions, please ask!

Banner uses stuff from Google Images.

Minimart (Active)

Owner: SwordieTheCoder
Our shop is mini so you can get quality work that's not rushed whatsoever

The Space Shop!(VERY ACTIVE)

Owner: hellounicorns2

TheEnhancedText (Active)

Owner: ncro2005
A shop for Custom Text GIF's and more!-Done in under 30 minutes!-Custom Text Icons-Scrolling LED Signs-Image Animations-GIF Resizing-

⚡️78ch3’s Everything Shop ⚡️ (Active)

Owner: 78ch3
We are a Scratch Shop designed to provide fast, friendly service. We can complete any order, including banners, scripts and animations. Join us or order today!

The Shop Review Shop! (Temp. closed)

Owner: python_megapixel
The Shop Review Shop is a unique, easy way to get some feedback about your shop, get your shop seen and improve your service! We'll make a test order and write you a review!
  • Get some constructive feedback about your shop
  • Improve your service with our handy ‘pros,’ ‘cons,’ and ‘tips to improve’ sections
  • Get your shop seen with a free two weeks of advertising with every high-scoring order
  • Track your order through every step of the process with the new order tracking page

☼❄☞ ☂ᕼᕮ ᗪᖇᕮᗩᗰ Ꮥᕼ〇ᖘ! ☜❄☼ (Active)

Owner: Jromagnoli
ᗪᖇᕮᗩᙢᏕ ᗰᗩↁᕮ IᏁ 48 ᕼ〇ƲᖇᏕ!* Ꭹ〇ᑌ ᘉᗩᗰᕮ I☂ - ᙡᕮ ᗰᗩ₭ᕮ I☂! |✨ ᒪᕮᗪ ᏕIǤᑎᏕ!✨ ⌨️☂YᑭᕮᗯᖇI☂ᕮᖇ ǤIƑᏕ⌨️☂ᕮX☂ ᗩᘉIᗰᗩ☂I〇ᘉᏕ

The rainbow Shop! (BEING REVIVED)

Owner: zoyahammad
Shop description (make sure it is good as it will be the text to represent your shop):
Finding the best banner, logo, sprite etc. in town? You are in the correct place! Get the worlds best banners and logos made from Photoshop! We are professionals! We shall never deny a request since its a scratchers request!
******** The Rainbow Shop************

Poppybunny's Coding Store(Active)

Shop owner: poppybunny
Poppybunny’s Coding Store is the place for coded Scratchblocks and sprites.


Shop owner: chaseman3245
Come on down for some art and possible sign-up for a membership card!

The Lush Shop(Active}

Shop owner: owlannaelsa
A unique shop that sells deku scrub characters, just how you want them to look.

The Computer Support Group 2.0 (Active)

Owner: Dude341
Need help with your machine? Support people at ASDA or the store not cutting it? You came to the right place! Ask away!

The Doughnut Shop (Active)

Owner: Bla-Games
A shop for your needs founded on a simple premise: Doughnuts.

я๑sε ¢๑。 (Active)

Owner: rose-maylie
We offer logos, forum signatures, and soon more!!!! As soon as we see your order we will start working on it!!!! And we're also hiring!!!!

In and Out (Active)

Shop owner: MasterOfTheTiger
In and Out has guarenteed quality in less than 48 hours. Many times orders like banners and logos can be completed within 30 minutes. We have just reopened and hope to serve the request forum well. We do not get off-topic and do as much as we can to keep you from having to wait.

The Math Shop
Shop owner: SimplyKomplex
We take all math and coding related orders. Order Now!

★·.·´¯`·.·★ ɢʀᴀʜᴀᴍsʜ's ǫᴜᴀʟɪᴛʏ sᴄʀᴀᴛᴄʜ ᴘʀᴏᴅᴜᴄᴛs ★·.·´¯`·.·★

Shop owner: GrahamSH
GrahamSH's Quality scratch products will suit your scratch needs! Weather it's code or writing or LED signs we got it!!!!!!!! With our talented staff you can always get what you need. What are you waiting for!

Allcubes' Awesome Art!
Shop owner: Allcubes2 (doodthedoodthedood)
We take art orders from sprites to logos to banners! Order Now!

New Scratcher Shop
Shop owner: poppybunny
Are you a New Scratcher? Do you need a Logo; Signature or anything to start your Scratch journey? Want to help New Scratchers? Come to New Scratcher Shop to help or to be helped.

тнє ρєиgυιи ѕнσρ ~ ѕтσяу αи∂ gαмє ι∂єαѕ, αят αи∂ мυ¢н мσяє ~ иσω нιяιиg

Shop owner: IggyAndCassie
Tired of shops that struggle on with your order for what can seem like years only to deliver you a product that's below-standard? Well, at the penguin shop, if an order is outside our skill area we will either do it to the best of our ability and apologize for and recognise the iffy quality or (most often) we will direct you to a shop that has experts in that area. So everyone wins!

THE everything shop

Welcome to the Everthing Shop, where we take all types of orders from de-bugging to art to reviews!

The Stand Out Shop!

Shop owner: CoderAnnika
Stand up for your ideas, stand out with cool products from the Stand-Out shop." Order cool, unique products sure to make YOU stand out!

Bigger than the sun.

Shop owner: FollowCherryBlossum
Bigger than the sun is a popular shop that sells almost anything you could want in scratch. Orders are done to our best ability.

MasterOfTheTiger and Coder_Annika's Shop

Shop owner: MasterOfTheTiger
Our shop offers fast and reliable service for many different things. We offer art such as logos and banners, and also more advanced stuff like project debugging and websites.

The Seaside Shop

Shop owner: TheEnderQueen
The Seaside Shop completes your orders quickly at offers 15+ different orders in writing, reviews, and art.


Shop owner: BlackWolfee
Our aim is to, as a shop, keep reaching further and doing better than before. Thus our shop motto is, Fly Higher, Soar Further. This reminds every one of us there is no limits to our ability, except those we place on ourselves. We can keep improving. We hope to be the shop you would choose not because we get you average quality products in the fastest time, not because we are the largest, but because we keep improving.

The Come n' Leave Fast Shop

One of the largest shops on Scratch, The Come n' Leave Fast Shop offers anything you can imagine! Whether it be a top quality logo, or a beautifully designed banner, if you can imagine it, we can create it! It's as simple as that!

ᑎIᑎᒍITO'ᔕ ᔕᕼOᑭ

Ninjito's Shop is a simple shop that I created, and it is my first ever one! I want it to get popular so I can have more fun reviewing, making banners, and pixelizing things(pixelizing is when I make something pixely)!

Fredbear's Pizzeria

Welcome to Fredbear's Pizzeria where fantasy come's to life. . .literally

ᴛʜᴇ ꜱʜᴏᴘ ᴊᴏɪɴᴇʀ ꜱʜᴏᴘ

Click here to join a shop without it(')s application form

Q Quick Shop

The Q Quick Shop is a fast-shop that completes quick but quality orders in as little as 45 minutes to two days!

The Scratch Cat Art Shop!

If you're looking for a custom Scratch Cat, then come to this shop to get your own custom Scratch Cat! Open on Weekends!

The LeapinLS Rating and Review Shop

The LeapinLS R&R shop is a place where your project can get an age rating or a review so that other Scratchers what to expect!

Game making shop

come get your Game kits and art for your games at this shop


Rushed work does not work.
Designed to be big, any quality work from TrinityShop was not rushed. What-so-ever.

The Arty Party

Come and get good quality digital, pixel and IRL art!

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500+ posts

✳❇✳ ﭢ ภєє๒132'ร ᏞᎾᎶᎾs ₣ØⱤ ɎØɄ! ﭢ ❇✳❇

500+ posts

✳❇✳ ﭢ ภєє๒132'ร ᏞᎾᎶᎾs ₣ØⱤ ɎØɄ! ﭢ ❇✳❇

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