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Reintegration Into Scratch

Hello, there!

I'm ANon, short for Amissit Nomine. I'm a scratch veteran, but my activity started to fade out a few years ago. It's been a long time, almost two or three years, since I've been involved in the scratch community, and I was hoping to once again become immersed in the website and those involved with it.

Do you know of any major scratch events/collaborations/etc. I could possibly participate in? How about any ways I can once again build up a good reputation here? If so, please post a link or mention it to me here on the forums. Thank you!

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Reintegration Into Scratch

Shops are pretty big now, so is the modding community(but not as vibrant as it was). People got annoyed about the discuss button and that's about it. Also Scratch 3.0

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Reintegration Into Scratch

So here are some things i’ve seen over the past few months:

Scratch’s Got Talent, hosted by @rainbow_waves. This had quite a few entries and it seems pretty popular.

Scratch Writing Camp. It’s help every 3 months, and the host for last time’s March camp was @TheEnderQueen, bit she’ll be passing the host duty to someone else for July SWC (she’s considering march’s leaders). Anyway, over 100 people participated in it in March.

And of course MAPS. You’ll find many by using that search bar

Quote of the month:

“(~˘▾˘)~ (hula hoops, it was the last thing copied on my ipad)"

Hai there! I was previously PrincessTS with over 500 posts, so I know what I'm doing even though I may seem new I can't be bothered to add pizzaz to my signature… let's just say this signature got eaten by the Anti Neutrality Kunquat.
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Reintegration Into Scratch

Scratch Design Studios are pretty fun.


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