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Animated Series - Regal City Dorks

Uh, hi! The name's Thunderlina (Lina, for short)! So, I've been interested in making a little web cartoon, I call it Regal City Dorks!

It's about the crazy adventures of a gang of seemingly average teenagers as they fight the forces of evil who wish to destroy their beloved home, Regal City, located in the heart of the fictional land of Emperia.

I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in helping out, in whatever category they could. Musicians, writers, animators, voice actors… you name it. Our current team is, like, three people sooo… yeah.

I'll post more info if people are interested.

See ya for now

Also gosh darn it scratch why can't i share pics straight from deviantart?

Thunderlina's the name and cartoons are my game

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