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Eat Neat

My freshly created projected, titled “Eat Neat”, is a project that promotes healthy eating. The first level, “Breakfast”, is about only catching the healthy food, and not the unhealthy. The second level, “Lunch”, is about selecting the healthier versions of each ingredient that goes on a burger/sandwich. The third and final level, “Dinner”, works like a quiz. Each question is about which option provides the most of a certain vitamin, for example vitamin C. I would appreciate it a lot if you could at least consider this as a featured project. I understand if you do not think it is up to the standard, as it is one of my first projects.

The link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/162554743/


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- Me: Can I borrow $100?
- Mum: NO! Do you think money grows on trees?
- Me: What is money made from?
- Mum: Paper.
- Me: Where does paper come from?

- Mum: Trees…

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