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Hello! i'm quinzer a fairly popular scratcher who
recentley got top loved, check it out HERE
and i am currently undergoing a design for a new project

i am currently undergoing development for a new project that i
will probably release for scratch 3.0 (because ⚡️ R.I.P ⚡️ cloud data)
and i am trying to get a audience before i release it❗️⌚️

GAME NAME - scratch life
scratch life will be cloud based game collection
and chatbox, ☁️ you will also be able to customize your
own character and buy stuff!! but here comes the cool
part, YOU will be able to create your own game and share
it on the cloud, wich means other pepole will be able to
play on it!! anyways, ✉️ that's my idea.. but i cant do it alone!!
i want you guys to be giving me ideas for scratch life then that
would be VERY cool!! ✌️✌️

check my profile! oh, my siggy got eaten!
wait until <[you follow me] = [true]>
evreything is awesome!!!!!
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