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Project Idea: Story of Doug Rattmann? (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

I have been playing Portal for at least 2 or 3 years now, ever since a friend of mine gave to me on my ?th birthday. I know the game inside and out (At least I’m sure), but have always been facinated by the hidden stories behind it all. My favorite, the story of Doug Rattmann (AKA the Rat Man). A hallucinating, mural painting, isolated employee who survived all of GLaDOS’s murderous attempts to kill everyone in the facility of Aperture, iconically known by the companion cube he wears on his back and his surreal, horrific scribbles in unexpected nooks and crannies. So I was thinking, what if I told the rest of the story of Doug Rattmann? After he fell asleep at the end of the Portal 2: Lab Rat comic? Maybe trying to find an escape through the guidance of multiple cores, or going on to mighty AEGIS from Portal: Stories Mel? I could really use some advice for the storyline, and feel free to offer suggestions below!
if <Life gives you lemons> then
repeat until <Life stops giving you lemons>
Demand to see life’s manager!
Burn his house down!
wait until <Life hires a new manager>

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