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bug - import button doesn't work consistently

My browser / operating system: Windows 7, Chrome 63.0.3239.132, Flash 28.0 (release 0)

Import button works about 60% of the times. Otherwise when import button is clicked and thing is selected nothing happens and import button stays blue for a while.

I found this while making an RPG and only used graphics sketched in Piskelapp. A few times along the road the glitch just happened multiple times in a row and stopped.

when green flag clicked
repeat (satisfaction)
switch costume to [Smirk v]
wait (excitement) secs
switch costume to [Ha Ha v]
wait ((excitement) / (2)) secs
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bug - import button doesn't work consistently

This seems to be a common glitch throughout Scratch.
I heard this about 3 other times.
Hopefully someone from the Scratch team can fix it!

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