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10 Project Ideas!

Out of project ideas? Nothing to do? Well I will show you 10 project ideas to get your brains working! I have actually never tried out these ideas myself so I hope you like them!
- A written story about your, well, fascinating life
- A tutorial
- A game taking place in the future, or the past
- A fashion game with your “designer” clothes (hint: clothes designed by you!)
- An animation about singing, dancing, or any hobby honestly
- A song using only note blocks!
- An “Add yourself as”
- An animated series (well that's going to be multiple projects if its a series)
- An AMV (Animated Music Video
- A MAP (Multiple Animator Project)
So those were 10 project ideas! So I hope you try out one of these ideas soon. Well potatoes, goodbye! Adios! Scratch On Potatoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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