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Welcome to Scratch
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Announcements Updates from the Scratch Team.
227 55719 Today 13:03:02 by FuturePr0
New Scratchers A forum to welcome New Scratchers to the Scratch community. If you are new to Scratch, please post to say hello!
6542 51284 Today 13:22:13 by mazelfa800
Toggle shoutbox Making Scratch Projects
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Help With Scripts Need help with your Scratch project? Ask here!
36920 228160 Today 13:20:00 by Bobyrman123
Show and Tell Tell everyone about your projects and studios.
47885 181917 Today 13:28:55 by superbiscit
Project Ideas A place to give and get help thinking of project ideas.
6767 36285 Today 13:03:16 by thecoder913
Collaboration Join with others to work together on Scratch projects!
12585 321611 Feb. 6, 2017 01:24:23 by s-zhangcha
Requests Looking for something? Want to offer your skills to others?
11157 242591 Today 13:32:31 by clarence112
Toggle shoutbox About Scratch
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Questions about Scratch Post general questions about Scratch here.
23241 145635 Today 13:27:44 by TheRealNetherBefore
Suggestions Discuss ideas for making improvements to Scratch.
17528 232502 Today 13:29:13 by Jacobwworkman
Bugs and Glitches Found a bug in Scratch? Describe it here!
18069 87136 Sept. 5, 2016 07:23:46 by s-zhangcha
Advanced Topics Talk about technical aspects, advanced features, or Scratch Modifications (Mods) here.
3906 99865 Today 13:25:06 by MasterChavoDel8
Connecting to the Physical World Topics related to Pico Boards, LEGO WeDo ™, and connecting Scratch projects to the physical world.
528 2920 Yesterday 17:48:07 by Jerboas1224
Developing Scratch Extensions A forum to give and get help creating Scratch Extensions.
260 1722 Yesterday 19:15:26 by Jerboas1224
Open Source Projects Forum for all discussions that relate to Scratch's open source projects.
89 750 Yesterday 20:19:45 by Jerboas1224
Toggle shoutbox Interests Beyond Scratch
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Things I'm Making and Creating Discuss things you are creating or exploring outside of Scratch, like art, music, programming languages, or crafts.
5616 77910 March 2, 2018 17:29:18 by TristanJohnson1
Things I'm Reading and Playing Discuss books, TV, movies, art, music, or videogames that inspire you.
7715 302589 Today 13:32:12 by TailsFanV51
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Hello person who uses inspect element

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hellounicorns2 wrote:

Thanks for the link! It does look like this is a duplicate topic so I'll close it to keep the conversation all in one place.

Please use the existing topic in the link above.

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