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"5 or 6 Stores: Adventures" (based on the viral meme video)

So perhaps some of you have seen this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCeQLeQiRP4

Or the extended version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NK8R9c42XNk

While most of the comments say that it'd make a great fighting game (with a big character roster), I had a different idea…

Five or Six Stores Adventures


In a future verging on complete economic chaos and dystopia, a (fictional) conglomerate has taken over almost every aspect of business in the USA and the rest of the world as well. Every company that sells every product. Every restaurant. Every service. Hospitals. Doctors. Plumbers. Firefighters. Teachers. You name it. A total monopoly over the entire country and already spreading across the world, leading to of course many consequences, such as shutting down small, local business, which in turn can destroy entire cultures, histories, and ways of life.

Nobody knows for sure exactly who is really in charge of this. The face of the company, _____ (haven't thought of a name yet) is rumored to be merely a spokesperson, and nobody has located the headquarters.

The sole remaining TV broadcasting company is littered with advertisements for this company's products and services- including their infamous commercials for their Just1 big box chain stores. “You could shop at 5 or 6 stores, or maybe… just one.” (Of course, the “5 or 6 other stores” already got shut down at this point, including Walmart and Target).

Sick of all this madness, you (yes, you) have decided to stop it once and for all as you witness the collapse of your local neighborhood you grew up in, and the deaths of your friends and family.

While most of the world remains in the shadows as to any inside knowledge of this conglomerate, you seek to find people who may be in the know: the people in the advertisements.

And thus begins a journey to get to the bottom of this once and for all, and try to save the world and the planet.


I envision this game as a rather simple point-and-click adventure, with very simple art style, and mostly cut-and-pasted pictures. The characters can all be just screenshots from the video. The “world” can be MS Paint.

The player character, you, is the unseen protagonist. You are able to gather a small number of items, and have one character follow you at a time. The reason for only one is that you only have enough food and supplies for you and one other person. You can switch which character follows you, which will be necessary to complete the story.

The setting will be mostly in urban USA, in a big, dystopian future city, but will also include locales such as forests, caves, etc.

The main point is to solve puzzles and mysteries, often based on which character you need with you to progress, as well as figuring out how to stop the menace.

For example, for one mission, you may need someone who is fine with doing things alone. Perhaps someone who “doesn't need friends”, because they disappoint her.

Interspersed in the game can be the clips from the video, as well as some crudely animated cutscenes.

I've also thought of perhaps a very simple RPG-like battle system, without leveling up but relying on knowing which attacks to choose from, that would come up a few times for the game's “boss battles” of sorts.

Saving would be unnecessary, and the game could use a password system to skip to the chapter you left off at. You get a password when you complete certain sections, and can use it to begin there.

So what do you guys think?

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