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Please Share Any Ideas for Advanced Games

Hello citizens of the world,

I am a highly advanced and experienced Scratch programmer, and I've run short of original ideas. I would love to hear any ideas you might have on your mind for an advanced Scratch game.

Here are a few guidelines for your idea:
  • Make sure that this idea is 100% original. (Not based off of anything.)
  • It can't involve 3D graphics of any kind. (It should only contain 2D, text based, or isometric graphics.)
  • It should be (preferably) a management game of some kind. (Example: Store management.)
  • It must abide by the Scratch Community Guidelines. (Pretty obvious, but just making sure.)
Please, spew out any and all ideas you want to share! (Just remember, they won't all be used.)

Thank you,
- The WolfScratch Team

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