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Back on Scratch!

Welp, after 2 years of inactivity on Scratch, I decided to put my old accounts to rest, and start fresh with this new account

During those 2 years, I began coding in Lua, HTML, JavaScript, and Python. All of that happened because Scratch inspired me to do so.
I am now a ROBLOX game scripter.

When my friend Riley (scratch username Superior410) introduced me to this cool new website called Scratch, somewhere around early 2014, I made my account “FNaF87DudE”, and I was instantly hooked. That was also the time the popular indie game “Five Nights At Freddy's” came out, and a user named “ParsecGames” remade this game on Scratch. I “remixed” the game. I just deleted random scripts from the game lol) and that was my first project. I then made a game called “TAKE CARE OF SCRATCHY!” which can be found here. My imagination just basically exploded from that point, and I made tons of games. My most popular series was “Five Nights at Scratchy's”, which had an average of about 300 views on each of the 3 games in that series.

All was going well, until the Scratch team decided to unshare all Five Nights At Freddy's related projects. I was pretty stumped at that time because FNaF was my favourite game, and it was still very popular at that time. I basically lost all motivation in Scratch. I left the site for a while. When I returned about a month later, I made a new account called “HipsterWhaleGames”. I also registered my own web domain, named ultrastudios.info. I started on that account by making non FNaF related games. My first game on that account was called “Grocery Shopping with Pico”. It's still shared so you can see it here. It was a pretty big success for me coding-wise. I also made a game called ScratchPong, which can also be found here.

I was enjoying myself on Scratch until my friend Vicky introduced me to ROBLOX around sometime in late 2015. It caught my eye right away. I started playing the many games ROBLOX had to offer. I also quickly forgot about Scratch - and my website. After not updating my games or my website in over 5 months, I decided to shut ultrastudios.info down. Thankfully, I kept my two accounts that I already had. And then, I started learning ROBLOX's language, Lua. I started using Roblox Studio, and I got really good at it. I took a few peeks at my Scratch notifications occasionally, but never stayed for a while.

But then I had this thought to start fresh on Scratch once again, another new account. So that's how this account was born.

So here I am today, March 3rd, 2018, writing this forum post. I plan to somehow revive my website that used to showcase all my Scratch creations. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read about my Scratch journey. And to all the new Scratch users that have just signed up, you should know that Scratch is an amazing website with an amazing community. I may not make any games, but I'll try and help out on the Scratch forums!

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Back on Scratch!

Well good luck :)

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Back on Scratch!

Welcome back!

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Back on Scratch!

Welcome back!

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