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I have an Arduino Uno R3 at home, and I use: ChromeOS 9592.96.0, Chrome 60.0.3112.114, Flash 27.0 (release 0) on a Chromebook 11 3180, or in general, my school chromebook. I want to program my Arduino via this device, and I want to use scratchx.org (our school didn't block it), and I was wondering if the extension was compatible with ChromeOS. I have the Device Plugin Helper extension downloaded.

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Arduino Help

You need to be able to write and read to and from the microcontroller on the Arduino board. From my research, it doesn't look like you can (reliably) do this on ChromeOS.
ChromeDuino is your best bet but I can't vouch for it, as I'm not sure if it'll work with ScratchX. You can find a link here.

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