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BreakThrough's Inspirtation: MORE INFORMATION ON UPCOMING GAME!!!

Yes, guys. It's been quite a while since I've been on the discuss aisle on Scratch. I've come to say that this game was inspired by games that you may or may not be familiar with. I will be explaining those, plus other great news on my latest upcoming game, BreakThrough

Let's just say I've taken a lot of inspiration from other titles over the past couple years. These games include Undertale, EarthBound and the newest indie hit, Cuphead! These guys, Toby Fox, Nintendo and MDHR studios, they are like my idles in the gaming world. I am going to do my very best so that this game turns out like them.

You know the little game in Undertale where you have to dodge Undyne's spears? I took inspiration so that I made a minigame towards the end of the game where you have to dodge bombs for just a few seconds, except without the free roam. I have taken inspiration from the artstyle in Cuphead, but except with the music. That's right! Every song you hear in the game was composed by me. It's not easy planning, recording and submitting. I have to thank www.onlinerecorder.com for helping me record the composing of each song. However, due to this, there will be less sounds then music.

If you already know, there's a 50mb limit for all of your projects. It was kind of tough, I thought I would have to retire from Scratch (hence the I'M OFFICIALLY DONE WITH SCRATCH message I posted) I just want you to know that I will still be on here and that the message will be taken down on February 8 2018. Not like it's important or anything

This project is going to take lots of time to make and I can't wait to share it with all of you Scratchers. If you want to send me designs for items in the game, you are more then welcome to do so.


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